Gattuss [Pronounced gat-us]:

1. A rubber patch glued between the hole in your cars bald tire and the inner tube to avoid further embarrassment (Usually done as an emergency procedure on a rusty 1971 VW Beetle).

2. A doomed temporary band aid applied to a critical problem in the hopes of finding a permanent solution e.g. launching dozens of cruise missiles in the Libyan no-fly zone and then wondering why "The Resistance" in the spray painted Toyota pickup hasn't toppled Qaddafi yet.

3. The way Pakistan and most Pakistanis survive, by applying gattuss upon gattuss.

4. My favorite Urdu word along with Chaspaan and Potty.

I know I'm committing the cardinal sin of blogging by writing about everything under the sun. 
I'm interested in a lot of topics that don't merit separate blogs so I'll be covering all of them here, instead of guest blogging in multiple locations. 

I hope the domain experts will be forgiving and the curious generalists will be a bit interested.

Guest authors aside, all opinions are my own and do not represent any entity I may be working/consulting with.